We are your not so average restaurant. We bring right here in Queensland a taste of Philadelphia. We are specialised in food delivery servicing Brisbane and Queensland. We have a long list of dishes that will tickle your senses, and at the same time, have a taste of a different cuisine far different from what we are accustomed to.

Why dine with us?

We offer delicious dishes, while at the same time, offering a cool ambience for every one to enjoy every minute of it.

We make sure your dining experience is way much better than what you have before. This is our way to ensure all our customers are being given with quality and sumptuous meals.

Food on the Go

If you are on a hurry and hungry at the same time, you could always have a take out and bring it home. Worry about if there is the same restaurant near your home? The answer is a big yes. There are a number of takeaway stores and restaurants available. They have been scattered around all over Queensland.

What are you waiting for? Do go ahead and see what we offer and start munching away the best dishes in Philadelphia cooked and delivered in Australia. When you have any need for catering for events, we are just a call away.